SmartCitiesWorld Podcast: Sunderland’s Connectivity Credentials


7th November 2023

Topic Education, Enabling Technologies, Infrastructure, Insights
Technology 5G, IoT, Wi-Fi
Sector Education, Enabling Technologies, Infrastructure, Insights

The latest SmartCitiesWorld podcast, featuring Liz St. Louis from Sunderland City Council and David Conway from Sunderland University, delves into Sunderland’s remarkable strides in establishing seamless connectivity for residents, businesses and educational institutions.

Sunderland’s smart city vision centres around harnessing digital infrastructure to create an interconnected ‘network of networks’ that enriches lives and opens up opportunities. The primary objective is to ensure that Sunderland continues to evolve into an inclusive, connected and technologically advanced urban hub.

This vision places a strong emphasis on leaving no one and nowhere behind on the transformative journey, and you can explore all the details in the podcast, here.