About us

Shaping a smarter Sunderland, in partnership with Sunderland City Council & Boldyn Networks.

Our unique 20-year partnership is equipping Sunderland with world-class infrastructure, offering our people and businesses with the means to inspire and succeed.

Underpinned by the Council’s community-led approach, our smart plans will ensure a connected, inclusive and digitally enabled future for our city.

We believe no one size fits all when it comes to addressing the needs of a digital city of the future.

New technologies deployed will serve the broadest possible set of social and economic needs across Sunderland – improving the lives of our residents and prospects of our city.

Sunderland welcomes innovators and trailblazers: as we revolutionise to compete internationally, we remain grounded and mindful of our rich heritage and culture.

Motivated by responsible innovation, our smart city will unlock new education opportunities, employment and economic prosperity for Sunderland and the wider region.

For more information on how our networks and solutions could benefit your organisation, please contact us using our contact form. We would be delighted to discuss how our smart city capabilities can support you.