Networks & Solutions

A network of networks is enabling the roll-out of a broad range of digital solutions. These are bringing both social and economic benefits to local residents, businesses and visitors.

Our networks

Together Sunderland City Council and Boldyn Networks have deployed a range of advanced wireless technologies, creating a network of networks. This approach maximises the digital transformation opportunities that can benefit people and organisations across the City of Sunderland.  Our wireless networks include Public Wi-Fi, 5G and a wireless long range wide area network (LoRaWAN)  that is designed for IoT (internet of things) solutions.

Our super-fast ground-breaking FREE Wi-Fi network.
Our 5G private network for fuelling city-wide innovation.
Our low power, wide area wireless network for connecting sensors and devices across the city.

Our data

Out network of networks is complemented by a new data platform. This centralised platform enables the city to collect, analyse, and act upon data from various sources including the networks themselves, IoT sensors attached to the networks and third party data sources.


Automated logistics and industry 4.0 support to accelerate the future of advanced manufacturing.
We are transforming environmental service delivery and management of the cities’ environmental footprint.
Our solutions for assistive care and social care transformation.
Our transport innovation includes autonomous services and new management capabilities.
Our solutions for enhancing education and building skills for the future workplace.
Our smart city on your phone.
New CCTV and video capabilities to help keep our communities safe.
Solutions that engage residents and enrich activities across the City.
Connected outdoor screens for public information and advertising.