What is our dynamic smart city?

A dynamic place attractive to investors and talented individuals alike, Sunderland is already demonstrating the leading attributes of an urban centre of the future.

Motivated to continue our momentum as one of the most commercially active cities in the UK; our workforce, residents and strategic leaders are driven to innovate and adjust to constantly evolving global demands.

By 2030 we will have:

  • more and better jobs
  • more and better housing
  • more local people with better qualifications and skills to enable them to participate in and benefit from a stronger economy
  • a stronger city centre with more businesses, housing and cultural opportunities
  • a lower carbon smart city with greater digital connectivity for all
  • £2.1bn of public and private investment resulting in more than 17,000 new jobs

Sunderland is leading the way in digital transformation, recognised nationally as a key player in the rollout of forward-thinking initiatives. Not only does the city’s ambitious plan aim to equip the city, its businesses and future investors with the means to compete, it also recognises the importance of prioritising the health and success of residents and communities. Find out more about our inspirational journey as a healthy smart city of the future.

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If you want to be part of our smart city’s growth, get in touch today. Our team are available to offer information and advice, as well as assist with introductions to collaborate for a brighter city of the future.

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