5G Network

‘5G’  is the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity, promising much faster data download /upload speeds, and quicker response times across the network, it also enables connectivity for far more devices in a given area.

5G network properties:

  • 5G Stand Alone​
  • Frequency N77 (3945 MHz)​
  • 53 Omni antennas with 2×2 MIMO​
  • Bandwidth 100 MHz​
  • Open-RAN (split 7.2) and Integrated gNb​
  • Fibre front hall and mmWave back haul

5G private small cell network

A private 5G small cell network – enables a cost-effective way for a broad range of organisations to adopt cutting-edge 5G connectivity to boost productivity and improve services.

We have built a 5G private small cells network across the city centre to drive innovation in new city services and enable digital transformation within organisations across the city. 5G is ideal for connecting outdoor devices such as digital information screens, allowing new content to be easily uploaded remotely The network will also provide the high speeds and low latency required to support other innovative public services such as the Sunderland Advanced Mobility Shuttle (link).

The network can also be extended out to organisations across the city creating in effect new 5G private network “bubbles”. The first of these has already been deployed at the University of Sunderland, creating a new 5G innovation lab (link). This will support cutting-edge research and teaching, equipping students with important new technology skills for the future workplace. 5G is already transforming many other sectors such as manufacturing, and healthcare, creating significant opportunities for such organisations across the Sunderland region.

5G acts like a foundational digital fabric upon which many digital services can be deployed. Examples include remote diagnostics in healthcare and visual analytics and guided maintenance using augmented reality in manufacturing and logistics.

The network uses O-RAN (Open RAN) components within its core network and RAN (Radio Access Network) to allow interoperability between different vendors through standard and open interfaces.

For more information on how our networks and solutions could benefit your organisation, please contact us using our contact form. We would be delighted to discuss how our smart city capabilities can support you.