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Sunderland’s City Plan sets out our 2030 vision of a connected international city with opportunities for all – a smart city which is dynamic, vibrant and healthy.

To achieve our 2030 vision, Sunderland City Council and Boldyn Networks are creating the UK’s smartest city, leaving no one and nowhere behind. Advanced wireless technologies are facilitating digital transformation for all. A smart city data platform is harnessing data, creating new insights and real-time management across the city.

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We are the leading the way on modernisation, diversification and regeneration 


Sunderland city centre is undergoing the most significant programme of regeneration in decades, with exciting and vibrant new places taking shape around the city’s riverside.

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A thriving Low Carbon City


In March 2019, we acknowledged the scale of this challenge by declaring a Climate Emergency, recognising the need for immediate action.

The Low Carbon Framework establishes a target for the city as a whole to be carbon neutral by 2040. The city framework is underpinned by a series of individual action plans developed by partners across the city which sets out seven clear strategic priorities to drive that carbon neutrality ambition.

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A pioneer for advanced manufacturing and electrification


Sunderland is at the beating heart of Europe’s automotive and advanced manufacturing industry. Home to Nissan UK, the award-winning plant which is the nation’s largest car producer and exporter, with 80% of its vehicles shipped overseas.

From trials of the UK’s first 5G connected HGV pilot to a world leading AESC Gigafactory, we are fast becoming a Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies.

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