Published: 03/06/2020

Statement issued on the procurement portal

As you will be aware, the Council originally intended to launch its OJEU Notice for the Smart City Procurement for delivery of an open access fibre and 5G neutral host at the end of May.  Following the market engagement activity conducted in April, the Council requested further input from the market place through the NEPO portal relating specifically to the fibre element of the potential procurement.  The Council is now considering the information received from the marketplace and will be making a decision on how it intends to proceed in the near future.  As a result there will be a delay in commencing any procurement until at least the beginning of July.  We are very grateful for your continued interest in this project and we will notify you as soon as we are able once a decision has been made regarding any procurement and the timetable.


Published: 30/03/2020

Expressions of interest

We would like to share our thanks with those who have taken the time to express an interest in our latest procurement opportunity. With submissions from over 30 organisations in this preliminary engagement for lead bidder, expressions of interest are now closed.

Given the large number of responses received, we are unfortunately unable to arrange individual meetings with all submitting organisations.

As indicated in the Prior Information Notice, submissions have been reviewed and a shortlist identified consisting of organisations who we believe:

  1. are representative of the type of organisations likely to lead a bid during the subsequent procurement process;
  2. have a track record in the communications industry delivering programmes of this kind; and
  3. will provide a good spread of views from industry to support the Council’s fact-finding activity at this preliminary stage.

Next steps:

The discovery sessions are due to commence on 30th March and the formal process (subject to the current situation) will be launched in May.

Unsuccessful bidders:

The pre-procurement market engagement is a discovery exercise, which is used to help shape the formal procurement and in no way disadvantages nor prevents organisations from participating in any further future market engagement or proposed procurement activity, either as a lead bidder or a member of a consortium.

Our Partners

We work with a number of partners to help deliver Our Smart City.

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