Public Wi-Fi

Our outdoor public WiFi network provides free internet access, across the City Centre and along the coast by Roker Pier.

Public Wi-Fi network properties

  • 150+ Wi-Fi Access points​
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz​
  • 4.3 km2 footprint covering city centre, Roker Pier coastal area and Sunderland Football Stadium
  • mmWave back haul network​
  • Friendly Wi-Fi filtering

City & Coastal

Residents and visitors to the city can enjoy free, super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi in outdoor places across the city centre.

A huge expansion of the public Wi-Fi network footprint has taken place to provide superfast, reliable and free internet access across both the city centre and the popular coastal areas of Roker and Seaburn.  The free public WiFi service provides multiple benefits. It helps to tackle digital inclusion – giving residents without broadband safe spaces to access the internet for free, whilst enabling

transformational experiences for visitors, creating opportunities to boost the local economy.

The free public Wi-Fi in Sunderland is certified by Friendly Wi-Fi, the safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi. The Friendly Wi-Fi logo represents the safety standard for public Wi-Fi, and users of

the service across Sunderland can feel confident that it is filtered to meet the minimum levels of protection. This means that inappropriate content will be automatically filtered to help prevent such material being accessed by children or young people on their devices in public places. The city centre coverage area is shown in grey on the map below.

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