IoT network

A  network based on LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology, which is ideal for the IoT (Internet of Things).

IoT network properties:

  • Frequency  868 MHz​
  • 60 Gateways with Omni antennas ​
  • MNO LTE Backhaul​
  • Covers 153 sq. km

LoRaWAN Network

A low power wide area wireless network, perfect for collecting low rates of data from a wide range of sensors deployed across the city.

The  LoRaWAN IoT network connects a wide range of smart sensors and devices across the city. These sensors collect all sorts of data about the city, from traffic flow to air quality to energy consumption. This data is then analysed and used to optimise city services, reduce costs, and improve the quality of life for residents.

The transmission of data across the Sunderland networked sensor landscape is transformational in providing near real-time views of the city and allowing the city  to measure and improve city performance

whilst delivering services more efficiently. It can support assistive living technologies, inform traffic and flood management, measure air quality, improve building energy management, facilitate smart waste management and more.

A range of different sensors are being installed to support the way we manage the city. We now have 30 air quality sensors, over 80 traffic and motion video sensors and 10 road temperature sensors supporting our winter maintenance regimes.  We are trialling bin fill sensors,

life-buoy sensors, and legionella water sensors as well as sensors that support how we manage issues such as dust and noise and our pest control services. All the sensors sit on our networks and the data flows through our smart city data platform and out to operatives working in different parts of the city. We will soon be publishing data on our website and aggregating the data with 3rd party specialist data to more accurately forecast and prepare for events.

For more information on how our networks and solutions could benefit your organisation, please contact us using our contact form. We would be delighted to discuss how our smart city capabilities can support you.