Health & social care

Connected assistive care technologies have the power to deliver huge transformations for social care in our communities.  We have been trialling a range of digital solutions to support both the assessment of care needs and now the support of vulnerable people to continue living as independently as possible either in their own or care homes. These trials use our networks to link sensors in private or residential homes to applications that use artificial intelligence. The application can trigger configurable workflows if an event is detected that requires intervention. These can range from alerting a family member or other nominated support arrangements.

A range of factors can be monitored via these applications, to support the well being of individuals. Factors range from movement, mobility, sleep, fluid intake and medication dispensation. By utilising these smart technologies, we will help improve the care experiences for both service providers and those cared for, making services more effective and accessible.


Further details on these solutions can be found on our Innovation Challenges page.


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