The future of self-driving technology


24th April 2023

Topic Infrastructure, Transport
Technology 5G, Autonomous Vehicles
Sector Infrastructure, Transport

Hailing the 5G CAL pilot as a “pioneering example of the wealth of benefits offered by self-driving tech in logistics”, a recent feature in Robotics & Innovation Magazine explored the future of self-driving transport.

Revisiting the achievements of Sunderland’s 5G CAL pilot and looking forward to the next phase, entitled ‘V-CAL’ (Vehicle-Connected and Autonomous Logistics), the article delved into the scale-up and commercialisation potential of this future technology.

As the use of autonomous driving technology becomes increasingly prevalent in logistics, the potential number of use cases for self-driving transport is huge. And, with research and innovation happening right here in Sunderland, V-CAL is helping to establish the North East as a real centre of excellence for the development of self-driving and remote driving technology.

Sunderland’s leading smart city infrastructure, with reliable and superfast connectivity, remains pivotal to the project’s technology-driven principals.

Discover more about the technology behind the sustainable future of transport in the full feature from Robotics & Innovation magazine, by clicking here.


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