Home to 280 3-11 year olds, Hudson Road Primary School has long suffered from unreliable and underperforming connectivity, which has restricted their ability to integrate live streaming or video calling into lessons.

Keen to equip youngsters with the digital skills they need, staff and students were left frustrated and disconnected from these technological advances.

The council’s focus on ed-tech recognises the benefits technology will bring to the next generation of digital leaders, and presents an opportunity to make a difference at Hudson Road Primary School.


Sunderland City Council’s rollout of ultrafast 5G presented an opportunity for the school to broaden learning opportunities and provide a reliable connection for staff, pupils and parents alike.

With security and privacy as cornerstones for the 5G implementation, key objectives of the 5G installation included the ability to help teachers, parents and pupils to feel both secure and reassured that their online safety is paramount, hence putting in place school level security filtering.


The 5G ultrafast WiFi connectivity implemented at Hudson Road Primary School means access to download speeds of 995Mbps – a staggering increase of over 7,000%.

The school can now engage and involve both pupils and parents in a safe environment, allowing them to explore any topic and discover new things with ease.

This opens up a world of opportunities for pupils and local families via a seamless learning experience, enjoying connectivity way beyond their previous limits, including: online training, Skype video calling and digital interaction with other schools.

The school has exciting plans for the future on the back of this reliable, speedy network, including the use of educational games and both virtual and augmented reality.

Improving connectivity in schools is a vital part of the city’s vision, ensuring families can remain connected to their children’s learning as well as engaging in digital opportunities themselves. And with gigabyte speed Wi-Fi also available to the parents of children at Hudson Road Primary School – in the reception and community rooms on site – the school’s digital capabilities and opportunities for valuable community engagement continue to expand.

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